Molly Perry Counseling 

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Hello, I'm Molly Perry. I'm a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor located in South Minneapolis.

I do in-person therapy with individuals struggling with Boundaries, Pregnancy and Parenting, and Family of Origin Issues. 

I am certified in Brainspotting and in Healing Relational Trauma (inner child/family of origin work with Pia Mellody's model). 

Starting therapy takes a lot of courage. I will sit with you and listen to you. I will think through things with you. I will challenge you to experience your uncomfortable emotions and stretch your comfort zone while supporting your sense of safety. And I will ask you to tune into your body as we work together. I will laugh with you and encourage you to play more and to rush less.


Do you do too much people-pleasing?

Are you finding yourself resentful? Or disconnected from others?

Are your expectations for yourself and for others too high?

These are all boundary issues. I can help you change these habits and find more joy and peace in your life.

Pregnancy and Parenting

Are you worried about postpartum depression or anxiety?

Do you struggle with knowing what is developmentally appropriate for your child?

Are you wondering how to parent a neurodivergent child?

I can give you guidance and support in this journey.

Family of Origin Issues/Relational Trauma

Do you find yourself getting triggered (having a disproportional response to an interaction or circumstance)? 

Are you stuck in a pattern of feeling like a victim or wanting to make a change but not being able to? 

Chances are an unresolved issue from your past is arising. It's an opportunity to get curious about what needs to be healed. . . Let's figure it out.

My office is located in south Minneapolis at:

4101 Harriet Ave S

​Minneapolis, MN 55409 

You can reach me at